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Sino-Russian Mathematics Center-JLU Colloquium(2022-009)- Morse matching method for conformal cohomology

发表于: 2022-04-22   点击: 

报告题目:Morse matching method for conformal cohomology

报 告 人:Pavel Kolesnikov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics)

报告时间:2022年5月6日 10:00-12:00

报告地点:Zoom ID:862 062 0549  Password:2022


报告摘要: We will observe the matching method in the algebraic discrete Morse theory which provides us a powerful tool for finding Anick resolutions for associative algebras defined by generators and relations. We apply this method to find reduced Hochschild cohomologies of associative conformal algebras in order to study their relations with the cohomologies of Lie conformal algebras. In particular, we evaluate the Hochschild cohomology groups for the universal associative envelope U(3) of the Virasoro Lie conformal algebra.

报告人简介:Pavel Kolesnikov got his PhD in 2002 in Novosibirsk State University (NSU) and joined Sobolev Institute of Mathematics. Now he is a research fellow of the Institute and professor in the NSU. His main area of research interests is in the structure and combinatorial theory of associative and non-associative algebras, conformal and vertex algebras.